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In my opinion, and as you will see below others, this is the best website for Social Security Disability Information on the Internet.  I have spent the last few years sharing with you my experience and knowledge of the Social Security Disability process. My goal from day one was to provide you with information on SSDI and SSI that you cannot find anywhere else on the web. 

If you've spent any time looking for information on Social Security disability then you already know that most of the websites give you useless information, half the information or simply want to send your information to lawyers. I do not hide the fact that I am also a Social Security disability lawyer and that this website is a part of my business.  Of course if you decide to hire a lawyer I would like to be your choice. However, first and foremost I have always focused on the goal of giving you the information you need to win your Social Security disability claim whether you decide to do it yourself, hire me as your lawyer, or already have another lawyer. If you spend any time reading this website you will realize what I am telling you is true. I believe the public has a right to know as much as they can about SSDI and SSI. There are very few websites out there that give you any useful SSD information. You can find good information on the SSA website, however, they are certainly not going to tell you how to give yourself the best chance to win your claim. I encourage you to read my website and if you agree with me that it is a great source of information on Social Security disability then share it with others. If you have a website and you think your readers would benefit from my website then link to mine. If you have a friend trying to get disability benefits e-mail them my website. There is so much clutter on the Internet and the search engines often do not have the ability to separate good informative content from cookie cutter content with keywords mixed in to get higher rankings. I am not a web expert, so unfortunately cannot make sure that everyone can see the site who needs it. But people like you can help get this information out there by recommending it to others. I truly believe my website is the best Social Security disability website on the Internet but don't take my word for it read below what other people are saying about the information they read on this site. All of the testimonials below refer to my website the Ultimate Disability Guide.  I received these by e-mail from people and they were unsolicited.  I was very careful not to include any testimonials about me as a lawyer.  This website reaches all states and each state has their own rules regarding testimonials and how lawyers can use them which is why I have only included those that refer to my website and are from people who are not my clients.  I want to thank all those who took the time to let me know how my website has helped them.  If you are new to the site I hope you find the information you are looking for and you too believe this is the best Social Security disability website on the Internet.

What People Are Saying About Ultimate Disability Guide

  • "Is by far the most informative I have found and I did a lot of looking.  Easy to navigate and answered everything I was wondering."  Tom
  • "I first want to call you an angel for putting that site up. It is amazing."  Ed
  • "Thanks for the site, absolutley a "Bible" for all who have fear, doubt or lack of knowledge."  Christopher
  • "You seem like the most knowledgeable source on the face of the Internet regarding SSDI."  Jennifer
  • "I just wanted to quickly email you and let you know how much I appreciate your website! I filed for SSDI more then a year ago and have to tell you I got approved on the first try! A fact I'm sure you are well aware of is, is a rare thing! I have no doubt that the information on your website was a big help... :-) There is a special place in heaven for you." Carol
  • "Thank you for your website and providing tools to fight in the social security disability jungle."-Zina
  • "I have just read your entire website, I think (big website--and  thanks)…. Thanks very much for your incredible website.  I learned a lot."  Christine
  • "I was just reading your web site,in which is loaded with good information…thank you."  Adele
  • "Wow. Your site is very informative and it is some process."  Molly
  • "You have a very informative and well constructed website.  Thank you!"  Tom
  • "I was just looking at your website and wanted to thank you for putting out such a helpful and easily accessible compilation of information!"  Kim
  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH."  Shannon
  • "Thanks Karl. Your website is the most informative and thorough one I have found."  Brent
  • "Thank you very much for your site!!!!"  David
  • "Your web site is great and loaded with valuable advice."  Bill
  • "Kudos on a very detailed and informative website."  Len
  • "…recently found your impressive and very helpful site.  …and a really terrific website."  Ken
  • "I thank you again for having this site open to everyone in need.  I am working on filling out my papers for my social security hearing and this is how I stumbled onto this web site, which is very helpful."  Jerry
  • "I have read your website and commend you on your purely consultative approach and not subliminal "but a lawyer could do this for you!""  Allison
  • "The past couple days I have been reading the information on your web site.  Am finding it very informative & in language I can understand."  Karin
  • "I wanted to thank you also for taking the time to start this website. It has been such a help to me in navigating the whole process. Thank you!"  Liz
  • "This website of yours is great.  I summarize medical records for two firms for their Social Security disability cases.  I did a search for fibromyalgia and your site came up in the listings.  I can tell a tremendous amount of time and effort was put into this site.  It is great.  Thank you!"   Bonnie
  • "1st, May I say you are awesome and this website has really educated me."   Dj
  • "THANK YOU so much for your informative site.  This has been my 1st step in getting started and I am so happy to have found such an up front and honest site regarding SSDI."  Elaine
  • "So, thank you, thank you for your amazing website.  The best!"  Lorayne
  • "Thank you for answering me so quickly, and again thank you for your website. It's the most informative one I've seen."  Alice
  • "I just found your site and by the way am loving all the information here!!!  (I use to be a paralegal back in the days before becoming so sick).  Thank you for all the work you have put into this site!!!  It is fantastic!!!"  Melissa
  • "THANK YOU!!!! I just wanted to let you know that by following your advice on your site and with the help of my State Congressman,  I was approved for permanent disability (SSD) in 3mos...   Just saying thank you and keep up your wonderful site."  Alyson
  • "I just want to thank you for your website. I have been asked to testify at the hearing by my brothers lawyer and your site has been invaluable to me.  Thank you so much!"  Donna

Now that you know what others are saying about my website make use of this wealth of information on Social Security Disability and read what I believe is the number one and most informative resource on SSD and SSI the Ultimate Disability Guide

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