List of Social Security Disability Medical Condition Pages

This page has a list of medical conditions common to Social Security Disability and SSI claims.

Find the medical condition you are interested in below and click on it.  It will take you to a page that discusses the condition in the context of Social Security Disability and SSI.  These pages will contain information on medical listings if they apply, and general information on how to win your Social Security Disability or SSI benefits for that specific condition.  I will be adding medical conditions all the time so bookmark this site and check back frequently.  If you can not find your medical condition listed here or you want more information or help with your SSD claim call me at 1-877-527-5529.


The below links will take you to pages that explain the medical conditions as I know it form my experience in dealing with Social Security Disability claims for these conditions as a lawyer.  I try to explain a little bit about each condition and how that particular condition may be handled in a disability claim.  I have tried to be accurate with my medical explanations but I am not a doctor.  I have also included a link that explains how Social Security will look at all your medical conditions together including the effect of treatment, and medication side effects when determining if you are disabled.  If you are trying to win your Social Security Disability benefits for any of the medical conditions listed below be sure to read the page on your particular medical condition or conditions along with the rest of the information in this website.  Most people applying for SSD or SSI benefits have more than one medical condition and it is important that you understand that SSA will look at all your medical conditions combined to determine if you are disabled.  Even though it is important that you read the whole website that is relevant to your particular situation if you are going to fully understand the pages linked below for specific medical conditions it is very important you read at-least my page on how Social Security determines disability.  My pages below are written in a way that assumes you are familiar with how Social Security evaluates all medical conditions in general when determining if you are disabled, and the pages below add insight into how your particular medical condition is handled within that frame work.

We have attempted to provide up to date and accurate information, however the information in this site is not guaranteed.  No attorney client relationship exist.  The information in this site is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified attorney.
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