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Below is a list of website awards and testimonials from readers of the Ultimate Social Security Disability Guide.  You will also find recognition of the help my law-firm has provided to Legal Services and that I, Karl Kazmierczak, Esq. was recognized as a "rising star" by the "Super Lawyers" website.  The purpose of my inclusion of this information is so that my readers have confidence in the information provided by the website and the author who wrote it.  I am also a certified Social Security Disability Specialist by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy which is a division of the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification an ABA approved certifying organization.

Thank You to the below websites for recognizing my site.  In addition to the awards below the author of this site Karl Kazmierczak, Esq. as a member of Kazmierczak and Kazmierczak law firm received the Equal Justice Medal from Northeast New Jersey Legal Services for "taking on case after case, securing desperately needed funds for chronically ill individuals in SSI and SSD cases and making an immeasurable contribution to securing justice for the low-income clients of Northeast New Jersey Legal Services in Passaic County."  I included the Super Lawyers Badge and if you click on my name in the badge it will take you to my Super Lawyers profile page.  Although this particular badge was not received for my website it was for recognition of me as a "rising star" by the Super Lawyers website. 

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Website Testimonials for Ultimate Social Security Disability Guide

"Thanks so much for the information on your web site about how to get SSDI.  I used all your advice and obtained my SSDI benefits the "first try" and without anyone else' help.  My initial claim was approved in only 39 days from the date I made the phone application.
 I learned the most important thing is medical records to document all diagnosis that you list.  I tried to obtain all my medical  records 2-3 months before I filed and read and re-read your website for any help I felt I needed.  Thanks so much."  Martha

"Although I have tried other sites, yours is the only service that was professional enough to respond."   Kenneth


"I emailed you earlier in the year and you were kind enough to supply some information to me.  I used much of the information on your "Ultimate Guide" website as a blueprint for filing for Social Security Disability for my wife.
I'm happy to report, with much of the credit going to you and your site, that my wife won her disability case the first time filing.
Many thanks for your help in the past and for your website.  I have passed it along to a number of people who, like me, entered or will enter the process as complete novices.
Thank you and thanks very much for your time and efforts."  Hayden


"Thank you so much for this site-it is the best I have seen yet and I have been doing this for 10 years!"  Jessica


"Awesome website. It helped to calm some of my fears and phobias, by getting a jump on understanding the process while I'm waiting to get assigned to a highly skilled therapist.
Thanks for making a difference in this confusing life."  Ginger


"Your site is fantastic! Thank you so much for trying to help many."  Rebecca


"Great web site!"  Jim


"I so appreciate all the information this website has given me.   Thank you."  Roberta


"To begin, I have looked your site over and I have looked at alot over the last few days after what I have been through, and it by far has been the most helpful, so thank you!"  Aleisha


"My hearing is tomorrow and all I can say is I wish I found your site sooner.   Great content, advice, info. Obviously, you've put your heart and soul into it. I deeply appreciate your efforts."  Kimberly


"I am so thankful to you and your information on your website, very helpful and very compassionate on your behalf do provide this to consumers as the process is very complicated and can be very confusing and intimidating… Thank you so much for your help.  There should be more people like you in this world."   Shanna


"Your website is very impressive."  Craya


"Your website is very informative."  Thanks,  Kelly


"I want to thank you very much for the information you provided.  It really helped.  I did indeed start receiving Social Security Benefits thanks to the forms you sent.  You are a Godsend!!!"  Todd


"Your website is awesome,"  Paul


"Your site has been so very helpful. Thank you so much."   Unknown author.


"Thank you for your thoughts and for the great website.  It is a real service to the disabled."   Shawn

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I hope the above information on the awards won by this website and the testimonials from it's readers, as well as, the information about the author will incourage you to read my website on SSDI and SSI and help you get the disability benefits you deserve.