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About Social Security Lawyers

It is important to remember you will want to find a lawyer who has handled many cases and has a strong understanding of both the process and what you need to win your benefits.  Most attorneys get paid on a contingency basis.  They get paid only if you win and the standard amount is 25% of past due benefits not to exceed $6,000.  There are exceptions were lawyers will file a fee petition for the time spent on the case but contingency fee agreement is by far the most common method of payment.  If you find a lawyer on your own make sure to ask how many Social Security Disability cases he or she has handled.  You will want someone who is experienced.  If you want to know more about how a lawyer can help with your SSDI claim and why it is important to have lawyer at application from the start read my linked page.


     Social Security Disability Lawyer What to Consider

There are many options when looking for help with your claim from a Social Security Disability lawyer.  There are big national firms with many lawyers covering many states some of these handle just SSDI claims and others cover many areas of law.  There is also small firms that handle cases locally, some that do just SSDI cases and those that handle many different types of cases.  You also have many solo practitioners who usually handle claims in their geographic area.  There is also non-attorney firms both big a small that just represent SSDI claims.  I think all of the different types have there advantages and disadvantages.  Big firms have many lawyers and resources but will probably not have that personal touch a smaller firm or solo practitioner may have.  Many people who e-mail me who have large firms often complain they feel like a number and that their phone calls are not returned.  A positive thing about large firms is that you usually know if they handle many Social Security Disability claims but don't expect to see the person whose name is on the firm to see you or be at your hearing.  I believe from the responses I have seen in my e-mails that smaller firms or solo-practitioners tend to be more personable and return phone calls but many of the smaller firms may handle different types of cases and have less experience with SSDI cases.  When it comes to deciding between local representation or a representative that handles cases nationwide there are several things you can consider.  Many people like to have a local lawyer because they can make an appointment and meet the attorney in person.  If you have a representative that is not local most of your interaction will be by phone, mail and e-mail.  I handle cases for clients who are both close to me and others that are across the country.  In my experience doing this I have found that other than the initial meeting of the client there is no difference in how the claim is handled because even with a local lawyer most interaction with the client is by phone and mail.

I will now tell you a little bit about my firm and how we handle these claims. We are a family law firm that started with my father Lawrence Kazmierczak, Esq. about 30 years ago.  I am Karl Kazmierczak, Esq. I am a Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy.  Our philosophy is to win as early in the process as possible.  It does not matter at what point the client is in the process we start to develop the case right away.  I am the author of this website and I have handled every one of my clients hearings for about the last 13 years. 

I understand that some people like to have a local representative that is why I offer to help those who want a local social security disability lawyer to find one experienced in these claims.  I only find lawyers who are in the same organization I am for Social Security Representatives called NOSSCR or that are Board Certified Social Security Disability Advocates.  This insures the attorney you get handles SSDI claims regularly.

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