Social Security Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors

There is a expedited process for military service members applying for Social Security disability benefits. If you became disabled while on active military service on or after October 1, 2001 then you are entitled to this expedited process. It is important to remember that Social Security benefits are different than VA benefits and require a separate application.

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Social Security Programs for the Disabled

Under Social Security there are two separate programs. There is the Social Security disability insurance program and the supplemental security income. Social Security disability pays benefits to those that are disabled and who have accumulated enough work credits by paying Social Security taxes from work. The supplemental security income program pays benefits to those who are disabled and have limited income and resources. To understand all the different types of Social Security disability and SSI please visit my page on Social Security disability eligibility.

Social Security Definition of Disability

Social Security law defines disability as the following:  1. You must be unable to do substantial work because of your medical condition(s); and 2. Your medical condition(s) must have lasted, or be expected to last, at least one year or to result in death.  To better understand what you have to prove to be found disabled visit my page "am I disabled".

You may wonder whether military pay or active duty status would make you ineligible for Social Security disability.  Military pay and active-duty status in itself, does not necessarily prevent payment of Social Security disability. According to Social Security if you are receiving treatment in a military medical facility and working in the designated therapy program or on limited duty, they will evaluate your work activity determine eligibility for benefits. The best way to find out if you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits is to apply. You can apply online at Social Security's wounded warriors website. You can also apply in person at your local Social Security office.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

To apply for Social Security disability benefits you will need to provide information about your age, important, proof of citizenship, and information regarding all impairments and related treatment. The following documents will be needed to process your claim but you should file right away even if you do not have all the documents yet.
Original or certified copy of your birth certificate or proof of US citizenship or legal residency if foreign-born.
Form DD 214, if discharge from military service.
W-2 form for income tax return from last year.
Proof of military pay for workers compensation.
Social Security numbers of your spouse and minor children.
Checking or savings account number if you have one.
Name, address, and phone number of a contact person, in case you are unavailable.
Medical records that you have for that you have or can easily obtain from all military and civilian sources.

According to Social Security you can speed a decision on your application by being prepared for your interview. Let Social Security know right away that your disability occurred while on active military duty. Have information available regarding all the doctors who have seen and the address of the military site where your records are kept. Notify Social Security of any address changes you have while they are working on your claim. Lastly, inform Social Security about any changes in doctors, hospitals, or outpatient clinics where you are receiving treatment.

How Does Medicare Affect TRICARE?

Another question frequently asked is how does Medicare affect my TRICARE?  For service members who are entitled to Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (Medical insurance), TRICARE provides Medicare “wraparound” coverage. Medicare is the primary payer for these beneficiaries, and TRICARE serves as a supplement, paying the Medicare deductible and patient cost share.

If you are entitled to Medicare Part A based on disability or permanent kidney failure, contact the Department of Defense to find out how this may affect your TRICARE benefits. You may need to be enrolled in Medicare Part B to keep your TRICARE coverage.

Individuals who are awarded retroactive Social Security disability benefits also may become entitled to Medicare Part A for months before they receive the disability award notice. Effective October 2009, TRICARE beneficiaries who are awarded retroactive benefits based on disability or permanent kidney failure do not have to enroll in Part B for those months in the past and can keep their TRICARE coverage as long as they enroll in Part B currently. You should contact the Department of Defense to find out whether you need to enroll in Medicare Part B so you can keep your TRICARE.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 provides for a 12-month Medicare Part B special enrollment period for TRICARE beneficiaries who are entitled to Medicare Part A, but did not enroll in Medicare Part B during their initial enrollment period. The Department of Defense will notify eligible individuals about this period.

For more information about TRICARE

 You probably have more questions about disability benefits for wounded warriors. You'll find more information on the Social Security website for wounded warriors.

 If you are looking for information on VA disability benefits you can visit my veterans disability website and the VA website.


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