How to find Social Security Disability Claims Status

I am often asked how does one find the status of disability claims. On this page, I will talk about different ways you can find out the status of your disability case. In a SSD or SSI case there is a great deal of waiting involved and people want to know what is going on with their case and how long they will have to wait for a decision.

The first thing you should know is the general time frame it takes to get a decision at each stage of the process. This will help you determine when it is time to start checking the status of your SSD or SSI case. At application and reconsideration you can expect to wait about 3 to 6 months to get a decision. Sometimes it can take longer or shorter depending on caseload and your particular case. At the hearing level the amount of time you will have to wait to get a hearing, and then a decision can vary even more. You can expect to wait anywhere from one to three years from the time you request a hearing until you get a decision.  For a more detailed look at how long it takes to process your disability case at your hearing office follow the link to my page on the subject.

So when should you check the status of your Social Security disability case? In most cases, if you are at application or at reconsideration level you may want to check the status of your claim about three months after you filed your application or appealed for reconsideration. The answer to this question can be a little trickier when you are at the hearing stage. In general, if you have not received the hearing date within a year of requesting it you may want to check the status at that point.  If you have requested a hearing, and did not receive a letter from SSA telling you they have received your request, you will also want to find out were your case is to make sure they received your appeal.

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I will now discuss different ways you can check the status of your SSDI or SSI claim. If you have a lawyer it is best if you check the status of your disability claim with your attorney. Many Social Security disability lawyers will check on your case with Social Security on a fairly regular basis and therefore, should be able to tell you what is going on with your particular case at the Social Security Administration. If you have a lawyer there is nothing wrong, and in fact you should check in every few months or so. This will not only give you some idea of how much longer you might have to wait but also gives you a chance to update your attorney with any new information medical or otherwise that are important to your case. If you do not have a lawyer or your lawyer does not return your call or give you any information about the status of your Social Security disability claim then you may have to check on your case status with SSA. If you are at application or reconsideration and want to check on your case with the Social Security Administration you can call the toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213 and ask for the number of your local SSA office. You can then call your local office and request for status of your disability claim. If you are at the hearing stage then you will want to contact the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) or hearing office that will be handling your claim. When you request a hearing you receive in the mail a notice that they have received your request for hearing. On that notice will be the hearing office and address and possibly the phone number of the office that will be handling your disability claim. After you receive your letter of acknowledgement that your requests for hearing has been received your case will then be transferred to that particular hearing office. So if you have not received a hearing date within a year or so you can contact that particular office by mail or phone.

How to Find Social Security Local and Hearing Offices for Status

If you want to find out what is going on with your disability case it helps if you can locate the address and phone numbers of your local and hearing offices.  In this paragraph, you'll find links to helpful pages on the Social Security website to help you find location and phone number to check the status of your SSD or SSI claim.  The SSA website has a page on their website to check on the status of your application for disability benefits. The SSA website has a local office locator. The SSA website also has a hearing office locator. If you received no response from your request for your disability claim status it can sometimes help to contact your local congressman to check on your claim for your.

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