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This is the ultimate Social Security Disability web site
The purpose of this site is to provide free SSDI and SSI information.  I provide information all in one place that you will have a hard time finding on the Internet anywhere.   This site should help those who are contemplating applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income and those individuals who have already applied for Social Security Disability benefits, no matter what stage they are at in the process.  The information in this site should be used as a helpful guide to the Social Security Disability process.  It will also provide information on how to win your disability claim.  If you have any questions that are not answered in this site or want a free consultation feel free to e-mail me.  I will try to answer any questions you might have about Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  This site is the best place to go for free Social Security Disability information.  If you read this site you will know how to apply for disability benefits and how to win SSDI (SSD) and SSI.  In addition to this site, available to you are other sites which can further help you in your claim for benefits.

     I am Karl Kazmierczak, Esq. I am a Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy.  The title is not recognized in all states click on following link for more information on what it means to be a Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist.  I have handled thousands of cases in New Jersey, New York and nationwide. 
Websites are a dime a dozen and we caution you to be careful when choosing which ones to utilize.  There are many web sites out there that are very good.  We caution you to be careful of websites where the identity of the firm or author is hidden.  They are solely to generate clients.  They offer only enough information to confuse you or convince you that you need a lawyer.  Other sites are constructed by individuals who have never handled a Social Security Disability claim nor ever intend to.  They are marketing people who are looking to sell leads to lawyers. In fact, there are some websites out there using titles similar to mine don't be fooled.  Here you will find Social Security Disability information, answers and advice on how to apply, am i disabled, how to appeal and how to win SSD, SSDI, and SSI.

     I do not hide who I am on this site and I will try to answer any questions you may have but I will not pressure anyone to retain me as their lawyer.  My sincere hope is that the information in this disability guide is helpful to anyone seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).  I will try to update the information in this site as often as possible including an almost daily blog.  In addition to the Blog on this site please visit my other Social Security disability Blog for more SSDI and SSI tips.  So be sure to bookmark this site for the latest news.  This is a free disability guide and will help with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security claims.  Please note that it is my intention to provide accurate and up to date information on this site and I make great effort to do this. However, the information on this site is not guaranteed and no lawyer client relationship exist.  This site is not a substitute for consultation with a lawyer.

How to Use this site.  If you are new to the process of Social Security Disability I recommend you start be reading the disability process.  This page will give you an overview of how your claim is processed and what procedural steps you have to take.  To understand how SSA determines if you are disabled you should read the page "am I disabled?".  After you read this page you should follow the different links to get a better understanding of what it takes to prove your disability.  I also strongly suggest you read "how to win" and "key to SSDI and SSI".  There is a lot more information on this site but this should give you a good starting point to help your claim.

     I provide this free information on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income so that everyone who is disabled has the tools they need to win disability.  If you need tips on how to win your SSDI or SSI claim continue to read this site and bookmark it so you can come back and use it as a reference while you take on the Social Security Disability process.   


Here is what one person had to say about my website "Thanks for the site, absolutely a "Bible" for all who have fear, doubt or lack of knowledge."  Christopher.  To see what other have said about this website read the website testimonials on the page called "Best Social Security Disability Website".


Questions or comments? E-mail me.

If you need a lawyer for your Social Security Disability or SSI claim or just want to ask a few questions you can also call me at 1-877-527-5529 and ask for Karl.  Or you can click on the following link and fill out the form if you prefer a local lawyer note that on form.

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My first suggestion for you and when you are applying for your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income Claim is to be knowledgeable about how the Social Security Administration will evaluate your claim.

     Whether you are represented by an attorney or not take it upon yourself to learn as much about the
Social Security disability process as you can.  You have already taken the initiative by researching on-line and reading this site.  I also recommend that you visit the Social Security Administration's web site.  It is a bit confusing but can be a great resource for your claim for benefits. 

     By having an understanding of
how Social Security decides your claim for benefits you will increase your chances of winning your benefits for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

My second suggestion is to get help.  

     If you choose to get your benefits without an attorney, this guide will help you learn the process used to determine if one is disabled.  This is not a complete site about Social Security and should not be considered legal advice.  You should also use the SSA's website in conjunction with this site.  This will increase your chances of giving your case the best chance to win your benefits.  Remember the law in these cases is confusing and convoluted.

     Statistics show that those claimants that are represented by an attorney are more likely to win their claim for benefits than those who are not.  In my opinion, the reason for this is because the lawyers that handle Social Security Disability claims have a better understanding of
how the Social Security Administration decides your case and they develop your case accordingly.

     Remember this web site is my attempt to give you the tools you need to
win your SSDI or SSI benefits with or without a lawyer.  If you decide you need a lawyer for your disability case or just want/need to ask some questions, feel free to contact me.  I also offer a free case evaluation for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income.  

This site is full of free information and practical advice on Social Security Disability.  If you study this site you can learn the following:  How to apply for Social Security DisabilityWhat is the process by which SSA determines if you are disabled.  How to win SSDI or SSI.  What are the GRID rules?  What you can expect and how to handle a Social Security Disability hearing.  What are the medical listing of impairments?  Do I need a lawyer for my disability claim.  The definitions of common terms used.  Helpful tips to help win your disability claim.  What are Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) forms and why are they so important?  What does your past work have to do with disability?  What is child's SSI?  How to win Child's SSI.  What is the difference between Social Security Disability and SSI?  What are the most important things to know and do when trying to get benefits.  Are you disabled?  What is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and what is his or her role in the process?  What is the Appeals Council?  What can you do to help your Social Security Disability or SSI claim?  How to get Social Security Disability and SSI. 

I wish you good luck with your claim and further encourage you to finish reading this site.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Social Security Disability Decision Says My Testimony Was Not Fully Credible
Were you denied for SSD or SSI at hearing, and did the ALJ state in his decision that you were found to not be fully credible?  I am going to let you in on a little secret.  The ALJ does not actually write the decision in most cases a writer does.  The ALJ makes the decision and then gives the writer a paper with the decision he or she has made and some basic information and then the writer puts it all together using a partially formatted template for a denial.  This means that a good portion of the decision is simply cut and paste.  In most denials you will find that the decision states the claimants testimony was not found to be credible in light of the evidence or something like that.  The reason is because it is required that an ALJ consider the claimants testimony and explain their credibility finding.  If the ALJ does not explain why he found your testimony to not be credible this is grounds for a remand.  So if the ALJ denies your case they must often say they found your testimony to be not credible because if they find it was credible in many cases they would have to approve the claim based on what you said your limitations are.  In reality most decisions are based primarily on the medical evidence and not on the testimony.  This does not mean the testimony in a SSD hearing is not important as ALJs will evaluate the testimony but will do so by comparing what you say with the strength of the medical evidence.  If the ALJ thinks you are exaggerating your limitations this will certainly not help.  The opposite is true as well, if the ALJ finds your testimony to appear very truthful it can certainly help.  Many claimants may feel there is no use in appealing a decision by an ALJ because if the ALJ did not believe them the first time why would they believe them at the second hearing if the case was remanded by the Appeals Council.  If you are able to show the ALJ made a mistake in the first decision or you are able to improve your evidence and you get a remand for a new hearing the ALJ will not remember your past testimony, and they (ALJs) know most denials will contain language that the claimants testimony was not fully credible.  So a chance at a new SSD or SSI hearing is a new chance to prove you are disabled and chances are if you are able to convince the ALJ you are disabled you will probably find the decision will find your testimony was credible or at-least to some extent more credible.   Keep in mind you may have just had a bad ALJ for decisions.  ALJs are like any other person and may have the opinion that almost no one is disabled.  If this is the case, a remand from the Appeals Council can sometimes help allot because the ALJ knows the 2nd decision will have closer scrutiny now that it has been remanded.  If an ALJ is really bad it sometimes takes getting two remands and then you must be given a new ALJ.  If you have quarters left you can also file a new application so you can actually have two cases going on at the same time.  The bottom line is if you cannot work you must continue to appeal and chances are at some point you will get the right person to find in your favor or get the evidence you need to win.  Social Security Disability is very frustrating but try to think of it as a marathon and not a sprint, try and stay positive and keep learning about SSDI and what you have to prove to win and help get the evidence needed to win your claim.  Remember that no one knows or cares about your case more than you so stay active in your case but in a positive way so you can work with your lawyer.  If they found your testimony to not be credible don't think of it as the ALJ calling you a liar but keep in mind it probably has more to do with justifying the denial.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Treating Doctor Letters and Social Security Disability
Many people have sent me e-mails asking me why they lost their SSD or SSI claim when they have a letter from their doctor saying they are disabled. The truth of the matter is, a letter from your doctor that says you are disabled with little or no explanation is of almost no value in a Social Security disability claim. The issue of disability is for the judge or other decision-maker at Social Security to decide and SSA will be sure to let you know this in the decision. Many doctors write these letters to make their patients happy without actually having to do a full and comprehensive report. I also often see letters from doctors that say there patient can no longer perform their present work. This also has little value because like my first example it is not a detailed report but it also only addresses one step of proving you are disabled. I have also seen many letters that say the patient is limited to light duty or sedentary work. The problem with a letter like this (besides the fact that again is not very detailed letter) is that the doctor's definition of light and sedentary work might be very different than the Social Security Administration's definition of light and sedentary work. I can tell you from experience, that doctors for the most part do not like to write reports or fill out RFC forms for their patients. It takes a good deal of time and they have a very busy job. Some doctors outright refuse to fill out any forms or write reports for their patients. Your best chance of getting a good report or RFC form from your treating doctor is to know what you have to prove to win your case and what information you need from the doctor and be able to explain it to him or her so they can write it one time the proper way so you do not have to ask them a second or third time. This is one reason why I recommend using RFC forms. They explain exactly what Social Security is looking for in an easy to fill out format that makes it much easier for the doctors. Some cases do require a complete and thorough report from your treating doctor in these situations it is best if you leave the request for such a report up to your disability lawyer or representative.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

What new is coming to my Social Security Disability Website.

The Social Security disability lawyers conference takes place this week, and as always, I will report back with any new information that might be of interest to the readers of my website. I am also working on additional content on SSD and SSI and related disability topics for this website. I also plan to redesign my website to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly so that the visitors to my website will not only have access to great information on Social Security disability law but also be able to find the answers to specific questions they may have. I started this website many years ago and it is starting to show its age. I am not a website designer, but with a little help I will be bringing the Ultimate Disability Guide up-to-date in both looks and usability. It will probably take me several months to complete the new look given the amount information on this website and the time it will take. When I started writing this website on SSDI and SSI I was simply trying to get out free information on disability that was not available anywhere else on the Internet. However, as time went on and my website became more popular I have come to realize that I can do even more. I believe this website already has the best information available on Social Security disability on the Web. My goal now is to not only continue to provide the best information, but also try and make it the best looking and user-friendly SSD website anywhere. So make sure to check back every now and then to see what changes I have been able to make. I hope all mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day and as always I wish you luck with your Social Security disability and SSI claims.

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