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If you are looking for a lawyer for your Social Security Disability or SSI claim fill out the form below.  Picking the right lawyer for your Social Security Disability claim can be a very difficult decision.  When deciding who you want to represent you make sure to ask them how many SSDI and SSI claims they have handled and chose someone you are comfortable with.  I personally write this website from my experience in dealing with these cases.  I am also a Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy (not all states recognize this title).  I hope you chose me to represent you but I also understand many people would like a local lawyer to handle their case.

Our firm handles SSDI and SSI cases nation wide but if you prefer a local Social Security Disability Attorney please note that on the form.  If you chose a local Social Security Disability lawyer I will make sure to refer you to a lawyer who has handled many SSDI and SSI claims.  I only refer you to NOSSCR members or Board Certified Social Security Disability Advocates.

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