Social Security Disability Specialist

Social Security Disability Specialist Certification will be explained on this page.  I will explain what the requirements were for me and other lawyers who have become certified by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy which is a division of the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

I am providing the information on my certification as a Social Security Disability Specialist (Advocate) so that you know as a reader of this site who the author is and what my qualifications are.  Many of the websites out there are written by people who are not lawyers or non-attorney advocates but are marketers looking to get leads for lawyers.  I strive to keep my information on this site accurate and up to date and much of the information comes from my experience in handling the many cases I have had over the years.  No one can guarantee all the information they give in a website is 100% accurate and neither do I, but one reason I have taken the difficult path of getting certified as a Social Security Disability Specialist was to be able to show my experience in the field in a way that can be documented for all to see.  My goal is to have the best and most informative website on SSDI and SSI. 

Qualifications to be Social Security Disability Specialist

To become a certified attorney in Social Security Disability a lawyer must pass all the requirements of the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy.  All certified attorneys must be in "good standing" with a "period of practice" in the area.  They must also show "substantial involvement" in the practice of Social Security Disability law.  All must show "Educational Experience" in continued legal education.  Certified lawyers must also submit to "peer review" by at least 6 peers 3 of which must be Administrative Law Judges.  Certified lawyers must also take and pass an Exam on Social Security Disability.  They must also submit atleast 6 legal writings 2 from hearing level, 2 from Appeals Council and 2 from US District Court.  Lastly, they must report any misconduct.  To see the full certification standards for Social Security Disability certification by National Board of legal Speciality Certification(formerly the NBTA) click on the link. 

How does the ABA and different States view SSDI specialty certification?

There are a few things I would like to note here.  A lawyer does not have to be certified to practice in this area of law and being certified by the NBSSDA does not mean they are more competent than other lawyers who practice in this area of law.  Those of us who haven chosen to take the time and effort to get certified have done so to document our own experience and commitment to this area of law.  Some states have there own certification process while other states recognize certification if it has been approved by the ABA.  The National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy has been accredited by the American Bar Association for their Social Security Disability Speciality program.  It should also be mentioned that some states do not allow the use of the term specialist by lawyers.  Some states require that it be mentioned that the NBSSDA is not a government or judicial entity.  The NBSSDA is a non-prophet organization.  I will soon be listing on this page all the states and their rules regarding lawyer certification for Social Security Disability.  

The National Board of Legal Speciality was formerly known as the National board of Trial Advocacy or NBTA.  Peel vs. Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois 110 S.CT. 2281 (1990) disallowed any state from prohibiting disclosure of NBTA certification.

We have attempted to provide up to date and accurate information, however the information in this site is not guaranteed.  No attorney client relationship exist.  The information in this site is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified attorney.
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Karl Kazmierczak, Esq. Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist by the NBSSDA an ABA approved organization.