Social Security Disability in Massachusetts

This page contains the hearing offices for SSDI and SSI in Massachusetts.  I will also try and provide relevant information about winning Social Security Disability benefits in MA.  I will also continue to provide any other information that may be relevant to a claim in MA.

Many people applying for Social Security disability benefits and SSI want to know what the chances of winning are in Massachusetts. Although I cannot tell you what your particular cases chances are, since one individuals case can vary so greatly from another, I can provide some general statistical information on the states approval percentages. According to the state agency operations report dated December 12, 2008 45.7% of the cases at application were approved and 29% of the cases at reconsideration were approved. If you want to compare MA with other states see my page on denial rates which can be found in the navigation bar to the left.  Make sure to know what you have to prove to win your case and what you must do to prove it.  If you are unsure  then you may want to consider getting a lawyer.  If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in your SSDI or SSI claim in MA click on the link below.  We handle cases nationwide but if you prefer a local disability lawyer just note that on the form.

Lawyer for SSDI or SSI claim in MA

MA SSD Lawyers, How to Apply and Win

If you plan to apply for SSD or SSI benefits in Massachusetts you can do this in several ways. For a Social Security disability application you can apply online or apply at your local SSA office. You can also contact a lawyer to make your MA SSDI application. If you are applying for SSI also called supplemental security income you will need to do this in person at your local SSA office. The SSA phone number is 1-800-772-1213.

To win your SSDI or SSI claim in MA it would certainly help to know the laws that pertain to your particular case and the evidence you will need to win that case. This website provides much of the information you need to help you understand the law and the evidence that you need. You may also want to consider hiring a lawyer for your Social Security disability claim in Massachusetts since the laws can be confusing and you may be unsure of exactly what evidence you need to win and how to present that evidence in a manner that gives you the best chance to succeed. When you get to the hearing stage you may want to consider a lawyer if you have not done so already since having an attorney at your side during a hearing can be extremely helpful. Not every case needs a lawyer so you will have to use your own judgment based on your research and whether you feel you can give yourself the best chance to win in your case or whether you should seek the advice of a professional.

I will now offer you some quick tips to help you with your claim. You will want to make sure SSA has all your relevant medical information and opinion evidence from your doctors that show the limitations you have from your medical conditions. You must also research what you need to prove to win your particular claim based on Social Security's rules. Whether you have a lawyer or not if you can educate yourself about the process you are giving yourself a significant advantage. If you leave it up to Social Security to get your medical evidence and to make your case for you then you are at a disadvantage. Read the rest of my website as I believe it provides helpful insight into a Social Security disability claim in MA or any other state. For more information on Social Security Disability my home page is a good place to start your research.

Social Security Disability Hearing Office Address in MA

Below is the Offices of Hearings and Appeals now called Office of Disability Adjudication and Review for Massachusetts.  At the bottom of each ODAR or OHA office is the local Social Security Administration office locations by town.  To file an application you can call SSA's phone number 1-800-772-1213, go to a local office or apply on-line at the link at the bottom of the page.  The hearings held before Administrative Law Judges are held at the ODAR offices listed below.  To understand what you have to prove to get benefits read "are you disabled?".  If you are starting your application in this region be sure to read the Social Security Disability process  and the section of that page on the new process.  Even though a new process is being used in this region what you have to prove to get disability is the same.  The average time it takes in days to get a decision at the hearing stage for Boston is 360, Providence is 398, and Springfield is 596 according to 2009 statistics.  

SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
4th Floor
One Bowdoin Square
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
Telephone: (617) 523-3213
Fax: (617) 248-0978
Services the following Social Security Field Offices: 
MASSACHUSETTS:  Boston, Brookline, Brockton, Hanover, Cambridge, Chelsea, Falmouth, Fitchburg, Gardner, Framingham, Haverhill, Hyannis, Lawrence, Lowell, Malden, Norwood, Quincy, Roxbury, Dorchester, Roslindale, Salem, Waltham

SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

Suite 450
1441 Main Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01103 
Telephone: (413) 746-2445
Fax: (413) 734-2347  
Services the following Social Security Field Offices: 

Springfield, Holyoke, Greenfield, Pittsfield, North Adams, Worchester


SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
155 Westminster Street, Suite 1000W
10th Floor
Providence, Rhode Island   02903
 Telephone: (401) 272-0987
Fax: (401) 272-3052  
Services the following Social Security Field Offices: 
MASSACHUSETTS:  Attleboro, Fall River, Taunton, New BedfordRHODE ISLAND:

Pawtucket, Providence, Newport, Warwick, Woonsocket

To apply on-line click on Social Security's website.

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