Social Security Disability in New Hampshire and Vermont: Lawyers, Applying and Denial Rates.

Here you will find information on Social Security Disability for Vermont and New Hampshire.  What you have to prove to win SSDI and SSI claims are the same in every state.  In other words how Social Security determines if you are disabled is the same for NH, VT and every other state.

The information you will find on this page will be the following:  How to apply for disability in VT and NH.  How to find a lawyer in these two states.  The location of the local SSA offices and the address of the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review that covers hearings in these states.  Lastly, you will also find statistics on denial rates and how long it takes.  

There are a number of ways you can apply for Social Security disability for your Vermont or New Hampshire SSD or SSI claim. If you are applying for Social Security disability you can make an appointment at your local Social Security office, apply on-line, or get a lawyer to help you with your claim. If you are applying for supplemental security income benefits also called SSI then you will need to do this in person at your local SSA office. You can make an appointment by calling 1-800-772-1213 and they will give you the number so that you can make an appointment at your local VT or NH Social Security office. If you are applying for Social Security Disability you can call 1-800-772-1213 and make an appointment at your local SSA office.  You can also apply on-line at the SSA website.  You also have the option of contacting a lawyer and they can help you apply.

Here is a link to a page on my site if you want more information on applying for SSDI or SSI.

Some people believe that all claims are denied at application, however, this is not true.  You may be interested in what the denial rate is for VT and NH at the application and reconsideration stages.  In New Hampshire the denial rate at the initial level is 41.3% and at the recon level it is 62.2%.  In Vermont at the initial level it is 50.5% and at recon 82.9%.  These statistics are for the year 2006 and the source is FY 2006 DIODS EXTRACT. 
48.3% of the claims at application in Vermont won in 2009. This number drops significantly at reconsideration level as only 15.7% of the claims won in VT. In NH the percentage of cases that won was 51.9%.

Hearing Office or ODAR Address, SSA Office Locations and Processing Time.

Below you will find the address of the ODAR for NH and VT along with the location of local offices that process the cases at the lower stages.  I have also provided the average processing time for cases at this ODAR.

SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
Suite 303
1750 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104

Telephone: (603) 629-9326
Fax: (603) 623-4050

Services the following Social Security Field Offices:

Concord, Littleton, Manchester, Nashua, Keene, Portsmouth


Burlington, Montpelier, Rutland

The average processing time for a case at the hearing level for the above ODAR is 447 days for the year 2009.  How long it takes in other hearing offices.

Hearings are held at the above ODAR.  They are conducted before an Administrative Law Judge.  The ALJ is independent and makes a new determination based on the record and the testimony and arguments presented at the hearing.  Read more on hearings.

Contact a Lawyer for SSDI and SSI in VT or NH.

Lawyers and your Social Security disability claim in Vermont and New Hampshire

You may decide you want a lawyer or attorney to help you with your SSD or SSI claim in VT or NH. This can be a difficult decision in determining who you will get to represent you in your claim. If you need help finding a lawyer for your Vermont social security disability claim or your NH SSD or SSI claim you can click on the link above if you want my help or if you want help finding a local attorney for your claim. If you have tried to get a lawyer and were told to wait to you are denied you should know that there are many lawyers willing to take a case at application. So if you want a lawyer from the beginning and you are told this by a lawyer you can simply look for another attorney.

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